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Service to Field

Journal Guest Reviewer

  • Educational Researcher (2019–present).

  • Journal of Experimental Education (2017–present).

  • School Psychology Trainer's Forum (2016–present).

  • Contemporary School Psychology (2014–present).

  • Personality and Individual Differences (2014–present).

  • Psychology in the Schools (2012–present).

  • School Psychology Trainer's Forum (2012–present).

  • Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (2011–13).

  •  Journal of Attention Disorders (2012).

  •  Journal of Teacher Education (2009).

  •  Journal of Praxis in Multicultural Education (2006–08).

Conference Reviewer

  • Conference Submission Reviewer, National Association of School Psychologists (2006–present).

  • Conference Submission Reviewer, American Psychological Association (2006–2013).

  • Conference Submission Reviewer, American Educational Research Association (2011–2012).

  • School Psychology Review (2019–present).

  • School Psychology Trainer's Forum (2009–2016).


  • Member, NASP Graduate Education Technology Team Committee (2017–present).

  •  Member: Research Committee, Florida Association of School Psychologists (2016–present).

K-12 Schools

  • Mason Educational Mentoring (MEM). Provide mentoring on special education advocacy issues (2018–present).

  • Montessori at Hampstead. Provide consultation services regarding psychological needs for children or applicants to the school (2014–2018).

Editorial Board

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